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w. Russell Snyder P.A.Welcome to the website of W. Russell Snyder, P. A.  We also refer to the law firm as The Snyder Law Firm.  We hope our interactive website will be informative.

Our law firm is proud to provide legal services to clients with family law problems, inheritance disputes, and to injury victims.  From our offices here in Venice, Florida, we have been providing caring and exceptional legal services for over three decades.

Russ Snyder is an “av” rated, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer.  Mr. Snyder has handled nearly every kind of divorce and inheritance dispute case.   Further, Mr. Snyder has handled hundreds of injury and death cases.

The Snyder Law Firm has an outstanding legal team assembled with the goal to provide excellent legal services at fair prices and to resolve cases without litigation, when possible.  However, if litigation is necessary, we have a skilled team who will act aggressively to protect your interests.

If you have a dispute within these areas of the law, please contact Russ Snyder at info@snyderlawoffice.com.

W. Russell Snyder P.A.

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