Spouses with long-term marriages and substantial marital assets have a lot at stake when they divorce.  The old way of resolving these marital disputes through hearings, depositions, and trials may have worked best for the lawyers rather than the clients.  Litigating a divorce case polarizes people who have lived their lives together.  Instead of litigating, Russ Snyder advocates each spouse getting a lawyer who will work up the financial aspects of the case and then work with a family law mediator to assist the parties and lawyers in resolving these marital issues without the need for any hearings or depositions.  This is a lower stress method of resolving marital issues and can save tens of thousands of dollars.  Cases that would take one or two years can be resolved, if everyone cooperates, in six months or less.

Mediation is not the answer for every couple.  However, most people who are about to divorce do not realize that they have a clear choice.   This is the contemporary approach to divorce in the 21st Century.  It may not be right for all couples, but it should be right for most divorcing couples, as the result is that the client full control over his or her destiny.  The lawyers guide and assist.  Judges are happy to sign the paperwork that results from successful mediations.  Divorce by litigation is so twentieth century!

Russell Snyder has a leading edge approach which allows divorcing couples to control their own destiny.  The concept is that the divorcing couple utilizes the services of lawyers, accountants and/or mental health professionals, as may be necessary, to arrive at a settlement best for them without any of the formal procedures traditionally employed to resolve these disputes.  This method allows families to avoid unnecessary public hearings, allowing private family matters to remain private.  This is the method of the future - available now!  Russell Snyder handles the following types of family disputes:  divorce, custody, visitation, child support and stepparent and family adoptions.

Legal Assistant, Kim Lyle, who handles cases for Mr. Snyder, has over 13 years of experience as a legal assistant.  She has distinguished herself as one of the outstanding divorce legal assistants in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit.  She takes personal interest in her cases and in our clients and clients have raved about her caring, her knowledge of the file, and her prompt communications.