Personal Injury

As Southwest Florida has grown, so has its traffic and congestion problems, whether that would be on the highways or on the business premises of the tri-county area of Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte Counties.  If you have been injured, or one of your loved ones has been injured seriously, you may want to consult with Mr. Snyder.  He has handled hundreds of personal injury actions.  Property and casualty insurance companies take inconsistent approaches to resolving claims.  Some of these companies seem to have the philosophy that the harder they can make it for a claimant, the more chance there is that the claimant will walk away with no settlement or a small settlement.  Other companies are more fair-minded and believe that well-documented claims should be settled to save everyone the time, trouble and expense of litigation or trials.  Whether your claim is against an insured represented by the insurance company that wants you to get little or no compensation or by the insurance company that wants to pay reasonable compensation, it is extremely important to find a law firm with experience in handling serious injury cases.  Our law firm can help get you fully and fairly compensated.

Everyone at The Snyder Law Firm understands that the victim and the families of victims of injury cases have unique challenges.  We are a caring law firm interested in helping people get through those tough times.