Probate and Trust Litigation (including will and trust contests)

Many seniors move to Southwest Florida after they retire.  This unique population of Southwest Florida has provided an opportunity for Russ Snyder to assist clients with legal problems involving the legal financial matters of those seniors, whether it be claims of exploitation or disputes over the validity of a will or trust.  Most wills and trusts are clearly valid and no contest arises.  However, in a significant percentage of estates involving substantial assets, there are disputes which must be resolved for the estate or trust administration process to be completed.

If you are a family member of a loved one who passed away in Southwest Florida and you are concerned about the disposition of your loved one’s estate, you may want to contact Russ Snyder.  A challenge to a will must be made within a three month statutory period if you have been served with a notice of administration.

As a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, Russ Snyder has handled hundreds of inheritance disputes.  Mr. Snyder is one of the very few probate litigators who is board certified in civil trial law.

Mr. Snyder’s Legal Assistant, Valerie Aitken, has over 30 years of experience working with clients on complex probate and trust litigation problems.  She takes a personal interest in clients involved in these upsetting legal disputes.